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As we get closer to the next century Global Trade, like every other industry, is recognizing the potential profits of advertising and selling on the Internet. The following two pages describe the Internet as it exists today and introduces the advantages of advertising your business online.


Internet Advertising is a revolutionary form of media that allows you to advertise your Business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, internationally and locally. Your ad can run in Full Color… with Graphics, Pictures, Sound, and even Video. Your ad is constantly accessible to a population of more than 48 million customers, who search the Net daily for information services and products of all types. As the online community grows ( by 20 thousand new customers a day), the opportunities for aggressive businesses, small and large only become betters.

Try to visualize the Net as a huge ocean of information available to anyone with Net Access. Your ad on the Net would be like a floating beacon in this ocean. Through our service, your ad is linked to the entire Internet, constantly advertising your business. Customer inquiries about your products or services, are instantly zoomed to your ad, through many channels or connections.

Benefits: Through the Internet your customers can comfortably review your services, look at pictures of your products, order online with a credit card, send you E-mail, or simply be asked to call your business telephone number, which can be placed on your business cards, yellow page ads, and all other promotional material.

Forte: Our Internet Division is supported by 36 employees including graphics designers, Internet programmers, advertising agents, and marketing personnel. Our designers specialize in both Macintosh and PC platforms, enabling us to work with artwork from any graphics program (such as Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc., ). All of your Ads are supported through The ATN Internet Connection which is backed by a top of the line Unix-based Mega Web Server (equipped with Linux. CERN. NCSA, and three T3 fiber optic telephone lines). This eliminates the risk, the wasted time, and the inconvenience of going through two, three, or even four different companies to get on the web.

How will customers ever find your Ad?
Today the Internet has ten main directories that serve as the yellow pages of the net. However, there are more than 10,000 other specific directories, for example: “The Southern California International Trading Association”, “The Tokyo Business Pages “, “The New York World Trade Center Directory & quote. These specific directories are extremely important since the members of particular communities only tend to use their own specialized yellow pages. Other Internet advertising companies list your business in these directories manually, limiting you to only 5 to 10 directories. Our company, however, uses a program called the “Auto-Listing”, where we enter your business name, information, and category. Within a few hours, this program automatically lists you in more than 10,000 directories, search engines and newsgroups, “Auto-Listing” is exclusive to ATN Internet Connection.

Hardware: It is not necessary for you to own a computer, or be proficient on it in order to advertise on the Net. If you were to run an ad on TV, you would not have to have a television set for your ad to be broadcast; advertising on the Net is exactly the same. You can advise your On-line customers to contact you via telephone or Fax. However, if you decide to use a computer, any computer capable of running a Windows program, modem, and a regular telephone line is all you need.

“Today business owners, sensing a land rush of another sort, are very anxious to stake out their own claims in Cyberspace. Every business small or large, from fine artists to law firms, are registering their Internet domains and setting up sites on the World Wide Web. They sense that Cyberspace will be one of the driving forces–if not the primary one–for economic growth in the 21st century …”
TIME MAGAZINE, Spring 1995.

It is imperative for businesses to continually identify the new technology platforms, in order to remain on the cutting edge through the next millennium. Wherever the next International Economic boom will take place,
The Internet can take you there.

“Plan 1” :
Start Your Engine!

Just getting started on the Internet? Not sure how it will work for your company? Generate profit with Classified Ad in ATN Cyber-Mall. Create Success for your business! Join ATN Cyber-Mall Classified Ad, Don’t miss the opportunities to advertise Your products or services on the “Information Super Highway”

200 word Classified Ad for Three Months $75 (USD)

“Plan 2” :
Your own Parking Space on the ATN Cyber-Mall

ATN Cyber-Mall is an Internet Mall, serving the ATN Members. All kind of organizations around the world can advertise their products and services. Under this plan, you will be able to place an Ad with your business name, address, telephone number, and 3-5 picture, samples of your products or services.

* One-time programming and installation fee: $250 (USD)
* Monthly fee: $45 (USD)
( Monthly fees are paid in 6 or 12-month increments.)

“Plan 3”:
Your Own Vehicle on The Net

You will receive your own private 5-page space, and Address on the Internet. In this Ad, you will have your own interactive Catalog. For example, when a customer reviews your Ad, they can search your products or services by the type or by the index of all of your products or services

This plan allows pictures of 10 different products in your catalog for free, and includes all of the following services:

* Consultation ( introduction, and preplanning )
* Graphics design ( transferring your print ads or flyers to digital format )
* Website programming ( creating your website )
* Interactive programming ( links to your other pages, your E-mail, of other websites )
* World Wide Web connectivity
* 24 hour’s maintenance of your site ( constant technical support of your Internet home )
* Number of hits, feedback, and response counter ( you will know exactly how many customers visited your site, and receive valuable information on them. )
products, the pictures, or the prices for free. )
* Free personal Web address: ( your Internet address can be placed on your business cards, and all other promotional materials.)
* Net listing ( you are listed in more than 10 thousand different Net Directories and News Groups, which serves as the yellow and white pages of the Internet.)

Prices :
* One-time programming and installation fee:$ 750 (USD)
* Monthly fees:$ 150 (USD)
(Monthly fees are paid in 6 or 12-month increments.)


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