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How To Apply For Membership

Complete the American Trading network Membership Application and Questionnaire; choose method of payment; Fax, Mail or E-mail to our Los Angeles headquarters along with your cashier’s check, money order or your credit card number made payable in U.S. dollars to American Trading Network.

When we receive the completed questionnaire and signed application with membe rship fee, the Membership Acceptance Committee will send a Fax within 48 hours acknowledging receipt.

A new Membership Packet will follow shortly containing your private Internet, En quiry Number, Membership Card, Membership Certificate, the ATN International Quarterly Bulletin, and a schedule of American Trading Network Services.




Annual Membership Information & Conditions

* One Year Active Membership $495 (US dollars)
* Preferred Membership $695 (US dollars)
* ATN Advisory Board Membership $895 (US dollars)
* ATN General Representative $1495 (US dollars)
* Memberships are non-transferable
* Membership Certificate, and Membership Card issued under Organization & Individual names are for ATN Members use only.
* Use of the ATN Internet Connection is intended for the sole use of the designated member.
* Member agrees that (s)he will not make the ATN Internet Connection available for use by the public either directly or indirectly by way of business or personal affiliation outside of American Trading Network.

Instructions for Completing Your Application

Please follow the procedures described below to subscribe to The American Trading Network After completing the information on Application and Questionnaire below, you may immediately submit your completed forms by pressing the “SEND ” button. Or if you wish you can PRINT a copy by using the PRINT feature on your Web Browser and Fax or Mail to:

TEL: (310) 477-5753
FAX: (310) 479-3666

Membership Application

 I Accept Your Invitation to join the American Trading Network as Active Member

 I am Interested in ATN Advisory Board Qualification

 I am Interested in ATN Preferred Membership

 I am Interested in ATN General Representative Program

 I am Interested in Affiliate Membership for Government & Education Professionals





City: State or Country: ZIP:

Telephone: Fax:

E-mail’s address:

Method of Payment

(Please choose one of the following)

 One year Active Membership $495.00
 Preferred Membership $695.00
 ATN Advisory Board Membership $895.00
 ATN General Representative $1495.00

 Enclosed is our check or money order payable to ATN for:

 We wish to pay by VISA Master Card American Express
Please Enter your Credit Card Number and Expiration Date

Credit Card Number :

Expiration Date:

 We wish to pay, through Bank to Bank Wire Transfer
Upon receipt of Application Bank Transfer information will be sent to you.

Membership Questionnaire

1. What categories should your company be listed under?
ManufacturerSupplierFinance/Venture Capitol
Government contractorService companyConsultant
Exporter: To:  From: 
Importer: To:  From: 
Distributor: (#of outlets) 
Wholesaler: (Level)
Retailer: (#of outlets) 
2. What is your company’s gross annual sales?
Under $1 million$50-$250 million
$1-$5 million$250-$500 million
$5-$10 millionOver $500 million
$10-$50 millionNot Applicable
3. What industry is your company active in?
ChemicalShippingHousehold Goods
Computer SoftwareOilJewelry
PlasticsAutomotiveHeavy Equipment
4. What benefits is your company seeking from ATN membership?
Assistance in product search.
Guidelines on documentation for import/export.
Contact with US manufactureres regarding licensing or representation territorial concessions.
Introduction to potential joint venture partners.
Assistance in price quotes.
Bidding or tenders.
5. Do you need catalogs or samples? Yes  No
Can you send catalogs or samples? Yes  No

6. What price levels are competitive in your current market situation?
Are you prepared to purchase? Yes  No
Are funds available? Yes  No
What quantities will you require?

7. Are you seeking information on markets in new countires? Yes  No
Are you looking for market feasibility studies in specific countries? Yes  No Which Countries?

8. Will your inquiries be based on:One-time orders or  Regular shipments?
How regular?  Monthly  Yearly  Twice a Year

9. Is there a category of interest that we have not addressed in this questionnaire so far?

10. How would you like to receive ATN membership listings?
 by Industry  by country


ATN Services & Benefits

Here is a brief overview which will help you in utilizing our support staff and services to maximize the success of your business.

[Import Services][Export Services][Marketing Analysis]
[Price Quotes][Investment Network][Technology Specialist]
[Global Access][Representative Inquiries][Tenders and Bidding]
[Recognition][Custom Research][Licensing]
[International Quarterly Bulletin][Business Consulting][Trade Leads]

Import Services

ATN coordinates any portion of your global trade activity from the product- search through handling or delivery, saving your company considerable time and expense.

Export Services

ATN provides extensive contacts worldwide to help your company in getting the best prices for your service or products and establishing distribution networks in the countries of your choice.

Marketing Analysis

Whether you are introducing new products or seeking to enter new countries, A TN researches the quickest and most cost-effective ways of getting into any market.

Price Quotes

ATN secures F.O.B. & C.I.F. price quotes for your company from suppliers and manufacturers in your interest. ATN responds to your FAX inquiries within 48 hours.

Investment Network

ATN put you in direct contact with investors or other business opportunities such as joint venture partners and can guide your company through regulation s governing international credit & finance.

Technology Specialist

ATN directs your inquiries to provide your company with the latest technological information on production processes, machinery, and products worldwide.

Global Access

ATN branch offices in major trade centers provide the administrative link that allows your company to expand internationally without major investments of time, money, or personnel. ATN has initiated a comprehensive International Trade System through the Internet. Member Companies can use it to advertise their products and services to a global market and seek out business opportunities worldwide.

Representative Inquiries

ATN conducts searches for member companies interested in securing representative authority, territorial concessions, or agency licensing from U.S. manufacturers and suppliers.

Tenders and Bidding

ATN can guide your company through the correct tender and bidding procedures required by those countries or trade categories where government agencies conduct purchasing.


ATN publishes three major print publications. Member Companies are frequently profiled in the ATN International Quarterly Bulletin, Free one year subscription for members. Members receive a preferential listing in several categories in the annual ATN International Business Index and the ATN International Trade Conference Directory. Of course, display advertising at special rates to ATN members is available in all three publications.

Custom Research

ATN provides the information you need to compete globally in the most cost-effective manner. ATN offers not only an International Trading Database but also more than 22 years of Import /Export experience, affiliations with Professional l Service Providers and other Import/Export Organizations and businesses around the world. Your company can contact either on an hourly or an ongoing retainer basis with ATN staff or affiliates to conduct information searches, reports on a company/industry profile, reports on credit data or marketing trends, referral s on shipping and customs, or government programs and regulation’s advisories.


At your request, ATN supplies complete information on getting licensing from specific U.S. manufacturers, or we can supply leads to several manufacturers in the country of your choice.

International Quarterly Bulletin

One full year free subscription for Members. Sent to Businesses, Embassies, Government Trade Offices, Chambers of Commerce and other International Trade Organizations in more than 87 countries. ATN International Quarterly Bulletin regularly profiles member companies, ATN branch offices, Activities, International Trade News, and U.S. Government Trade programs along with International Finance information. The ATN International Quarterly Bulletin is an International Showcase for your Company.

Business Consulting

ATN members can obtain in-depth, on-site, and up-to-date profiles of potential buyers, suppliers, and distributors. Services include: Marketing analysis or representative inquires; Negotiations such as price Quotes, Bidding & Tenders, and requests for licensing; Identification & Approach of suitable Joint-Venture Partners in the U.S. and several other countries.

Trade Leads

ATN offers a perfect complement to the ATN Internet Connection with the trade lead sheets. The Hot Sheet Newsletter faxed or mailed to you once a month includes multi-page listings of Offers to Buy & Sell, Ventura Capita, Corporate Partnership Offering, Professional Services and more… The Hot Sheet Newsletter is a great way to either generate new business or track the International Market pulse in a more time-efficient manner. We pull these listings from many sources, including several not available to the public.

ATN Services Fee Schedule

NETWORK:                  MEMBERS    NON-MEMBERS
Connect to the Internet Different     Not-Available
posting on Internet        FREE       Not-Available
ATN Product Finder         FREE       Not-Available
ATN Mailing List           FREE       Not-Available
ATN Price Quote            FREE       Not-Available
Including initial contact & pre-qualification 

I.Q.B.  ( Annual Subscription )FREE     $160.00
Quarter page Ad in I.Q.B.     FREE      $300.00
ATN Cyber-Mall Ad (Classified) FREE      $150.00
International Business Index   FREE      $340.00
International Trade Conf. Dir. FREE      $240.00 

Hot Sheet Newsletter           FREE      $240.00
Hot Sheet Listings             FREE      $240.00
Company Profile in Hot Sheet   FREE   Not-Available
Financial Referral Services    FREE   Not-Available

Business Consulting           FREE      $120.00
per hour
Research on Special Projects  FREE      $1200.00
With each additional hour@    FREE      $180.00